Three Benefits of Embracing Cultural Diversity in Recruitment


Embracing cultural diversity in the workplace, whether in our own business or through the ca...

Embracing cultural diversity in the workplace, whether in our own business or through the candidates we propose to clients, is vital for securing a competitive advantage in the tech sector – especially on an international scale. We know there are many more benefits, but we wanted to hone in on these three in particular due to their relevance to our teams and sector. 

Cultural diversity is inspiring and drives innovation

Here at Ntrinsic, our teams are comprised of consultants with varying perspectives and different ways of working. Through their personalities, voices and viewpoints, we know that encompassing cultural diversity within our culture generates new ideas for not only ourselves but for our clients. 

Diversity of thought allows us to see the world and the challenges we face within it differently. Our people learn about and interact with different cultures on a daily basis, meaning we’re a business that’s truly breaking down cultural barriers. Cultural diversity inspires creativity, solves problems, and drives innovation. It also allows us to meet our clients’ needs and surpass their expectations. 

Cultural diversity creates a competitive edge in local markets

It goes without saying that our employees speak many languages. This means we can communicate with diverse markets globally and utilise our local market knowledge and insight to be competitive, profitable and successful in all our activity. Our consultants leverage their knowledge and understanding of the competitive landscape (while showcasing sensitivity and insight) to produce higher quality, specially targeted candidates. For our clients, this means they can adopt a multicultural workforce that will help their business thrive.

Cultural diversity widens your talent pool

This applies to prospective candidates and our own business. We practice what we preach, and by not only embracing but celebrating diversity at Ntrinsic, we’re able to select talent from a wide and varied talent pool that mirrors the diversity and talent of our teams. We utilise our diversity and experience to boost productivity and perform better. As detailed by Zohir Bellaari, our Head of Tech Solutions Europe: “Ntrinsic is a small multicultural company with a strong basis and presence in the UK and Europe. The team is culturally-mixed with strong personalities, which make it very vibrant.”

Diversity is an important factor for candidates as well. As an employer, diversity allows you to stand out from your competition and attract and retain the very best talent. There are no limitations to diverse hiring – you’re broadening your prospects, making yourself more attractive to candidates and setting your business up to achieve your ambitions. Diverse workplaces see increased loyalty, improved retention and reduced turnover costs. Consciously making diverse choices will see any business create a culture that thrives on respect and cross-cultural cooperation. 

Keeping the above benefits in mind, our people say it best. Leontine Grosgrean, our Sales Support & Office Manager, showcases how our unique strengths and attitude are thanks to being a multicultural company: “We learn from each other’s culture. The team is also supportive, there is a great team spirit.”

And the insight doesn’t end there. Our Brussels office has recently welcomed two new employees from Cpl: Ciaran and Matthew. Their exciting move from Ireland will see them settle in Belgium and bolster our approach even further, thanks to their fresh views, network, and experiences!

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