Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Ntrinsic, we pride ourselves on having a diverse workforce with ages ranging from 23 to 47. We are ethnically diverse, with 50% of employees being of different nationalities. We understand different cultures, languages, ethnic traditions, age and gender. We are a team of caring, empathetic and inspiring individuals who together form a wonderfully diverse business.

Our strategy focuses on creating a truly inclusive workplace, building competency within the leadership team and our employees to advocate inclusive behaviours. It also establishes processes to attract, develop and retain diverse talent and build a partner diversity programme that offers real opportunities to those from marginalised backgrounds and push the DE&I agenda to our Suppliers. 

Be Proud Cafés

Our BeProud Cafés have been revolutionary to our culture and understanding of all things relating to DE&I. They play an essential part in embedding our strategy and have covered a wide range of DE&I Topics. The cafés are hosted by employees who are knowledgeable or passionate about a topic. Some probing questions are selected to get conversations started. The goal of the cafés is to foster and encourage discussion, education and awareness on DE&I topics that are of importance to our people.

Some of the topics we have discussed so far in these Cafés include:

  • Cultural Awareness 
  • LGBTQ+
  • Disability & Accessibility
  • Working Parents
  • Working Carers 
  • Menopause
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Equal Opportunities Employer

Ntrinsic is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds. We recognise that a diverse and inclusive workplace will better our relationships and services with our clients, our candidates, our communities, and one another. 

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DE&I Committee

Ntrinsic has a representant on the Cpl DE&I committee. This dedicated group is responsible for collectively crafting our DE&I strategy and bringing it to life across: Policies; People Management Practices; Trainings; Events & Awareness Days; Internal & External communications; External Partnerships and Measures & KPI’s.

Awareness Days

At Ntrinsic we like to embrace cultural celebrations and important occasions along with our employees, such as Zero Discrimination Day; Ability Day; International Women's Day; Chinese New Year; Black History Month, Holi - Festival of Colours; International Men's Day; Pride and other important international days.


We have a comprehensive list of trainings which are available for our people to attend. Some of which are listed below: Dignity & Respect at Work; Inclusive Leadership; Language & Recruitment; Mental Health Champion Training; Unconscious Bias; Beyond Pride; Working Across Cultures and How to Be an Ally for Diversity and Inclusion.

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DE&I Strategic Goals and Action Plan 2022-2024


  • Nurturing a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility and fairness to enable all employees to contribute to their potential and increase retention
  • Being part of Cpl’s DE&I Committee to ensure that we drive DE&I engagement and bring our DE&I Strategy to life
  • Implement a sense of us survey to ensure that we understand the unique perspectives and experiences of all our people and use the data and feedback to shape our DE&I agenda
  • Conduct a variety of DE&I campaigns and awareness programmes across our 6 DE&I pillar of: LGBTQ+, Working Parents, Guardians & Carer's; Multicultural; Ability; Gender; Generational.
  • Review our benefits and provide cost/benefit analysis and recommendations


  • Review of all people practices across the employee life cycle in order to reduce any potential systemic biases or challenges and establish policies that meet the needs of our business and our people
  • Set D&I Goals for Gender Diversity, Leadership Team, Management and all other grades of employees
  • Recommend a diverse interview panel including diverse promotion interview panels


  • Continue to embed DE&I into all the Learning and Development curriculums including DE&I Training, Unconscious Bias, Dignity at Work and creating a workplace that will enhance the overall experience of all our employees
  • Inclusive Leadership for leaders and managers allowing time to reflect on their own leadership skills, how unconscious bias can impact cultural and organisational processes and how to get the best of teams in order to reach their full potential.


  • Implement effective procurement procedures that support supplier diversity and increase opportunities for diverse suppliers to participate in competition
  • Improve supplier diversity awareness
  • Partner with external organisations to leverage from their expertise, to share our learnings and to assist where appropriate in creating a diverse workforce
  • Provide real opportunities to others who may come from marginalised backgrounds
  • Establish a range of measures that we can track our progress and report to the Cpl Group Executive