Talent Mapping

A Competitive Differentiator

At Ntrinsic we have the capability to run a comparison on your existing talent against those of external talent, with the aim of identifying gaps and growth opportunities for your business.

Talent Mapping Tools

Utilising various Talent Mapping Tools, we can identify potential candidates who are not actively seeking employment. Instead of waiting for the ideal candidates to approach your organisation, a proactive and strategic approach can be taken to source, engage and hire top talent.

Our methods enable identification of a diverse range of candidates possessing the requisite skills and experience for a specific position. Additionally, we can establish a talent pool of pre-screened and motivated candidates, along with a more comprehensive understanding of the candidate market.

By partnering with Ntrinsic we will do all of the above and help you understand key market factors including where people are located, mobility trends and prominent employers, support Diversity strategies, gather pay & benefits data to support with reward benchmarking and ensure your proposition is competitive.

Find better candidates with better data.

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