The Secrets of Recruitment & Business Development


Before we start, let’s address the elephant in the room. What is business development? Ask, ...

Before we start, let’s address the elephant in the room. What is business development? Ask, and you’ll often be met with vague answers at best or evasive answers at worst. At Ntrinsic, we recognise business development as creating long-term value for our customers, ourselves and our industry. Any activity or idea that aims to make a business better over time is business development. Plain and simple. For us, business development applies to our personal progression, the progression of our candidates and the success of the clients we look after. Business development and recruitment are synonymous. 

Learning & Leads

If you keep in mind ‘adding value’, recruitment and business development go hand in hand. The team at Ntrinsic are always open to learning more and broadening their skillset so we can source the best talent for our clients. Our training covers many subjects and sectors, so our consultants are true experts in our industry. Being well-versed in various languages, multiple sectors, a variety of roles, and the latest trends mean we can add value to our clients wherever and whenever they need us to. 

For a recruiter, business development involves identifying prospective clients, building relationships, securing business, receiving role requests, maintaining relationships, and more. Generating leads, finding candidates, and matching candidates to the right clients can only be successful with robust business development techniques in place. Established recruitment agencies like ours have a proven talent pool, and we find that talent can and will, be drawn to us as well. We are also a preferred supplier for many renowned businesses. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have tips and tricks to develop our business and impact success.

Tips & Tricks For Securing New Candidates

Successful recruiters have clearly identifiable traits. We believe these traits are as follows: passionate, professional, resilient opportunity seekers who have confidence and aren’t afraid to be influencers.

If you have those traits and want to source and secure new candidates, then you should set daily, not weekly, challenges for how many candidates you want to interact with – via LinkedIn and telephone. Doing this daily keeps you on your toes, and it means that you are setting the pace of your success and showcasing your recruitment prowess. 

It doesn’t end with conversing – make yourself indispensable and bring something of value. Our consultants lead with expertise and share what jobs are trending in the candidates’ industry. This gesture allows them to forge a relationship, continue to share their expertise, build trust and navigate the market. Their knowledge and use of language are essential. We advise that you are targeted and deliberate with all your LinkedIn activity. Be exciting, and grab attention. The end goal is to have a telephone conversation so that you can impress the candidate further and secure their CV.

Tips & Tricks For Meeting New Clients

If there are no clients asking us to fill roles, then there is zero merit in sourcing candidates. Businesses cannot develop without candidates, clients and active recruiters. Meeting and intriguing new clients can be as easy as posting exciting and engaging content on LinkedIn. This is easy in theory, but it actually means knowing your audience and taking the time to research and create content – this will ensure you stand out from a sea of mediocre recruiters. We advise that our consultants provide a solution to a potential client’s problem and bring them something of value. This can be achieved by researching them through job boards and existing talent pools/other candidates. To bring on a new client, there needs to be a reason for them to trust you. The most impressive way to do this is by bringing a high-quality candidate to them for a problematic vacancy and following up with information about competitors. 

Don’t forget to call and engage with hiring managers, and be prepared to sell yourself to HR. Our consultants are proud to be specialists with an unrivalled track record, which speaks volumes.

Benefits for all

Business development benefits everyone – those seeking new talent and those who work in recruitment sourcing it. By working with a recruiter, a company is investing in their future and the quality of its talent. For recruiters, business development activities like the tips we have outlined above strengthen their skills, showcase their business and create opportunities for strategic partnerships to ensure mutual growth. Our team is passionate about examining existing markets and identifying development opportunities. Any company’s reputation, whether they’re the employer or the recruiter, can be grown and fortified with a well-grounded business plan. What you have just learned in this blog is our approach.

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