The New Ntrinsic. A Brand New Business Built on Firm Foundations.


Over the last two years, the team at Ntrinsic have embarked on a journey of transformation, ...

Over the last two years, the team at Ntrinsic have embarked on a journey of transformation, focusing on driving our own expansion and evolution, implementing significant positive changes that have transformed and expanded what we do, how we do it and who we do it for. What remains steadfast is our joined-up approach and pan-European outlook, both of which offer businesses of scale with multiple sites even greater added value. 

It’s a seismic cultural shift in an industry that already moves at pace. It also allows us to build on our long established experience of providing SAP/Oracle only-contract placements. We’re now also providing exec-level permanent placements and permanent recruitment solutions across the UK and Europe, carrying out everything from full retained searches for executives to structured technology team build-outs. So we’re still delivering for our legacy markets while our Technology Solutions team is expanding and bringing fresh energy and insight to emerging and rapidly evolving technology areas such as Data Science & Engineering, Cyber Security, Digital, Software & Infrastructure Architecture.    

Ntrinsic benefits from a leadership team that are both proactive doers and thought leaders. This kind of strong leadership drives client focus and constant change, maintaining the kind of momentum that fuels revolutions. It all sets the stage for even greater scope and more exciting opportunities into the next 12 months and beyond.

Across our UK and Brussels teams our people have exceptional experience of being trusted suppliers to major FTSE companies and PR funded fast-growth start-ups. And each is dedicated to growing their focus on specific skill verticals, ensuring their knowledge and networks yield quality and depth. Growing our team has enabled us to attract our own new talent who bring vast amounts of knowledge, network capability and experience. We help people to develop their careers in an ethical way, balancing their career development ambitions with the openness and honesty our company clients demand. 

“We have a vision to become a complete technology recruitment business. That allows us to offer clients a much broader solution and also allows us to broaden our contractor base. So we can offer major corporates or SMEs much more than we could before. That’s not without its challenges because of the very strong competition out there. But we’re taking that competition head on and we’re doing it in our own way.”

Mike Thorpe, Group Sales Director

The difference with Ntrinsic is that we’re going from a niche space and using our expertise to diversify. Few similar businesses have had that journey. It also means that we are very mature culturally, bringing people in and encouraging them to spread their wings. It’s all about them becoming consultants to our clients as opposed as having to tick boxes in a KPI-driven environment. It’s a grown-up, autonomous environment where people want to work and clients can see that. 

“That makes us credible, it makes us consultative and most importantly really collaborative with our clients.” 

We don’t want to be the biggest but we do want to be the best, with a reputation as trusted advisors over and above our purpose. We’re already halfway to achieving our ambitious goal of doubling in size in the next three years. 

Our Brussels office gives us an advantage, as does our presence in France, and the fact that we are a multi-lingual team is invaluable too. Plus, since we identified and brought our core values to the fore, we’re much more open and respectful, supportive and trusting. These values have underpinned our product expansion and made the process an incredibly positive experience. 

We genuinely celebrate everyone’s successes, large or small. And the honesty that comes out of that, the humour and the good natured-ness, drives everyone to do what they say they will. Ours is not a culture of fear: we run towards the goal rather than away from a fear of failure. 


“We are very much a new Ntrinsic. Yes we remain a contract recruiter through and through with an expanded service offering, but culturally we are a completely new business. We have a fresh outlook, we hire differently and we’re working better together from London to Brussels. We're evolving, we’re growing, we’re going in the right track.”