Sourcing With Speed For A World-Renowned Brand


Read how our consultancy expertise enabled a world-renowned brand to source an SVP of Operat...

Read how our consultancy expertise enabled a world-renowned brand to source an SVP of Operations. This ensured that the company's day-to-day functions were not hindered, as a Senior Vice President of Operations imparts their guidance, supervision, and leadership for all things operational procedures.

The Brief: High Profile and High Stakes

Operating within the global supply chain sector, our client needed to source at speed an exceptional and reliable Senior Vice President of Operations. As a global multi-million-pound business and world-renowned brand, time was of the essence.

The Challenge: Unrelated Failed Attempts

Our client sought Ntrinsic’s help as they had previously been searching for a suitable candidate themselves. This occurred for a duration of six months prior to our appointment. Given the importance and stature of the role, the hire was time-critical, and there could be no further delay. They trusted us to find and place the correct individual.

Our Approach: Discretion and Attention

At Ntrinsic, our consultants make a point of understanding every facet of information and every need the client presents. Our priority was to first hear the client’s requirements in detail and then to act fast. With all details covered, we were able to work with absolute discretion, tapping into our talent pool and networks, compiling a thorough and specific list of suitable candidates.

The Solution

Our extensive network paired with a forward-thinking approach allowed us to locate individuals who were suitable, available and able to add value to the client. After careful screening, we found several potential professionals to put forward for the client’s consideration.

The Result

The client had spent six months searching unsuccessfully to fill the role themselves, but at Ntrinsic we were able to successfully locate and present the perfect candidate within 48 hours of beginning our search. The new SVP Of Operations is settled into their role and a vital asset to our prestigious client. Not only was the client impressed by our speed and capability, but they were also relieved to see that placing this role after six months was not chasing the impossible. As a result of our efforts, the global brand has chosen to partner with us, and we continue to assist them with their recruitment needs.

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