Ntrinsic and Cpl


Exciting news for Ntrinsic Consulting clients, candidates and colleagues!Ntrinsic Consulting...

Exciting news for Ntrinsic Consulting clients, candidates and colleagues!

Ntrinsic Consulting has recently been acquired by CPL - Ireland’s largest talent solutions company. Remaining part of the Japanese group Outsourcing Inc, Ntrinsic is now wholly owned by Cpl. 

‘There couldn’t be a better home for us right now’ says Mike Thorpe, CEO of Ntrinsic. ‘We are delighted to say we will retain our brand, our independence and our ferociously ambitious culture whilst also making full use of everything a significant business like Cpl can bring.’ 

The plan for Ntrinsic under the guidance and extensive geographical coverage of Cpl is growth and increased efficiency. Ntrinsic will benefit from many things but improved technology solutions driving much of their processes will be one of the most important and quickly recognisable. 

‘It’s important to point out that we bring a lot to Cpl as well’ added Mike Thorpe. ‘Our niche high end focus and our European presence fits very well with Cpl’s growth plans - not to mention our agility and complete focus on delighting our clients and candidates.’

All in all a good looking partnership which will be worth watching as it evolves - watch this space!