How to Ace an Online Job Interview


The traditional face-to-face job interview is, for now, off the cards. So, for the foreseeab...

The traditional face-to-face job interview is, for now, off the cards. So, for the foreseeable future most of our candidates will be faced with the prospect of interviews and assessments conducted via video call – and as with any interview, these can be daunting. But they needn’t be. If you follow our simple hints and tips all you’ll need to worry about is impressing your interviewer with your skills, experience and cultural fit.


Make sure you choose a good place to sit with good lighting (ideally in front of you) and ensure your background is professional and clear of clutter.

Check everything works before the interview.

To eliminate unnecessary stress, check your laptop, sound and camera work well with the video conferencing software your interviewer will be using ahead of the interview – nothing like last minute technology failures to throw you off your game. It could also be a good idea to wear headphones with microphone capabilities to ensure your interviewer can hear you.

Eliminate distractions.

It is a good idea to minimise noise and distractions while being interviewed. Make sure your pets or your children can’t make an unexpected appearance, turn off your phone, shut the door and silence all notifications on your laptop.

Dress professionally.

We are probably all a bit guilty of not making so much effort with our appearance whilst working from home, but Marvel t-shirts and pyjama bottoms are not going to cut the mustard. As a general rule of thumb, and to be on the safe side you should choose to wear something slightly smarter than the company’s typical day-to-day dress. For example, if their dress-code is casual, perhaps opt for something smart casual and choose block colours, as patterns can sometimes appear distracting on camera. Also try putting on your shoes, as even though they won’t see them, it will psychologically put you in work-mode. Times are changing, but first impressions still matter.

Make eye contact.

This one might sound strange seeing as it is over video call, but make sure you look at the camera and make eye contact. Perhaps make more of an effort when it comes to non-verbal communication for example slightly exaggerated nodding shows you are listening and understanding - it will ensure the interviewer knows you are engaged and interested in the conversation.

One final thing to note: it is really important to try and stay calm and be yourself during an interview. Remember, the company interviewing you has seen something (perhaps lots of things) in your CV that makes you a viable candidate. Being yourself will let the interviewer see the real you and if you would be a good fit for the company and the team.

The team at Ntrinsic are well versed in helping candidates find their dream role, so if you feel that you could do with some coaching to help you find your next opportunity, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.