Cyber Security: What are the biggest challenges?


The last 18 months have seen personal and professional change affect us all in more ways tha...

The last 18 months have seen personal and professional change affect us all in more ways than one, not least with the majority of us taking our work online due to the pandemic. Utilising the internet and maintaining general cyber security for businesses online has become ever-more important.

So, what can we expect the most significant challenges to be, as focus remains on proactively protecting vital processes, networks, devices and systems from invisible threats? What does all this mean for your recruitment operations?

Working from home

Businesses are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to hybrid working. Home working puts businesses at greater risk from insider threats. From now and into the coming year, companies will have to make sure they’re equipped with cyber security and cyber security guidelines to ensure employees stay safe and aware online.

Cloud technology

The increased adoption of cloud technology makes working from anywhere more accessible, flexible, and achievable. However, this technology leaves companies vulnerable to cyber threats – as technology advances, security often falls behind. In the coming year, cloud security issues will continue to be significant, and businesses should take the time to make sure they have securely implemented cloud technologies.


Every ten seconds, someone is a victim of ransomware attacks globally. These attacks cost businesses around $20 billion in 2020, and it is not expected that the threat of ransomware will stop in 2021 either. With ransomware on the rise, naturally the landscape is fast-paced and adaptable, so your business needs to be hyperaware. It’s imperative that you consider protecting your business from the potential of ransomware attacks so that your data is secure: educating your employees and having critical data backups are just two ways to stay prepared.

Many businesses globally have left holes in their security – don’t let yours be one of them. The success of your business’ Cloud, Data & Cyber Security endeavours rely on securing the best talent available and considering how things have changed in the past 18 months, there’s never been a better time to make security a priority.

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