The Qualities and Approach You Need To Be A Great Recruiter


Being a recruiter isn’t just client calls, sending messages on LinkedIn and compiling lists ...

Being a recruiter isn’t just client calls, sending messages on LinkedIn and compiling lists of suitable potential candidates. In reality, being a recruiter is so much more; it’s about searching for and anticipating talent that will match your clients’ needs and building lasting relationships that will bring success now and in the future.  Being a great recruiter is about reading between the lines and making a real difference to a client’s operations, and to the shortlisted candidates.

A career in recruitment requires commitment, but to achieve success, you need to have other qualities:

Adaptability. In nature, if you don’t adapt then you don’t survive and the same is true of recruitment. Being flexible and open to change is the perfect way to connect with clients and candidates – this is best seen in great recruiters in how they talk and communicate, and how they’re always learning about their market.

Being honest and acting with integrity. The old ways of working in recruitment rightly belong in the past – the new way is transparent and paving new paths to a better perception of the industry. Great recruiters aren’t pushy and they never put their needs above their client. Honesty and integrity are the foundations for long-term success, not for short-term financial gain.

Building lasting relationships. Great recruiters care and want to connect with the people they work with. From the people on their team to their clients and candidates, their relationships are always maintained as they invest time and effort into everyone they come into contact with. Success follows when they know a lot of people and those people feel positive about their interactions.  

Listening and communicating. Not just hearing and speaking. Great recruiters are active listeners who ask relevant questions and have a curiosity to know as much as possible to get the best result. Due to this, they listen more than they speak – you can tell a poor recruiter by how much they like the sound of their own voice. Superior listening skills mean that clients and candidates are heard and understood, and when paired with excellent communication skills a great recruiter can thrive as they know how to talk, when to talk and how to get what needs to be said across in the right way.

As well as these qualities, if you want to be a great recruiter you need to manage & organise your time. Time is money for your clients, and to gain the reputation of being a great recruiter you want to exceed your client’s expectations. Follow up on all the calls you make, as well as interviews with candidates and briefings with clients. A good recruiter delivers what’s been discussed; a great recruiter is organised and can track what they’ve been doing to show all stages of their progress. 

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