Sourcing a Senior Functional Auditor DQM for a leading Belgian bank


Learn all about the support offered by Ntrinsic to ensure a timely hire that brought great v...

Learn all about the support offered by Ntrinsic to ensure a timely hire that brought great value to the client, transforming the way they handle and use data and empowering them to achieve desired business outcomes that depend on high-quality data.

The Brief: Protecting and unleashing the power of data

Our bank client required a Senior Functional Auditor specialising in DQM/Data Management for business implementation. Without this expertise, their bank and insurance entities would not be able to provide the best possible service and product in this digital era. Having collaborated with us before, they knew we could deliver talent that would be key to their success.

The Challenge: A Small Market with Big Expectations

Data Management has become one of the most exciting domains in the financial industry, so we needed to find the right specialist in a competitive market to ensure speedy and thorough implementation. It goes without saying that customer data is a valuable asset, and this was a niche role with an increasingly rare skill set at the level required. Given the client’s position and reputation in the market, the treatment and security of data is both a top priority and a significant challenge for them, so we needed to find the right person fast.

Our Approach: In-depth and Swift

Taking the scarcity of the role into account, as well as the skills required, we remained confident that we could secure the talent needed. This is because we took the time to thoroughly understand the client’s requirements and preferences, analysing the brief before working at pace to utilise our strong network. Candidates matching the position quickly became apparent, thanks to our existing professional relationships. After calling these initial candidates, it became clear that one stood out from the crowd.

The Solution

Securing this role would not have been possible without our robust network. We proposed the strongest CV quite rapidly after initiating the search, thanks to our team’s personable, professional, and proactive approach. The client immediately wanted to meet the candidate for a face-to-face interview.

The Result

Not only did the interview take place quickly, but within three days, we received confirmation that the client chose our candidate for the role. We were able to match the role to a candidate in record speed which is a testament to our understanding of client requirements and our dedicated talent pool. This pairing was so suitable that the candidate declined another offer, instead joining our banking client. We were delighted to help our client fill another role, and we look forward to the consultant sharing his expertise with the business as he benefits from the opportunity to grow in his career.

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