Sourcing an Enterprise IT Cloud Team Lead for a Leading Smart Energy Company


Find out how our consultancy expertise enabled a smart energy company to hire an Enterprise ...

Find out how our consultancy expertise enabled a smart energy company to hire an Enterprise IT Cloud Team Lead. This role was vital to overseeing the team.

The Brief

Our client is part of the leading UK Government initiative to build Britain’s smart energy network. This initiative connects homes and businesses to a single, secure, smart metering network. 

The Challenge

This leading smart energy company needed to recruit an Enterprise IT Cloud Team Lead for their existing cloud team. This role was vital for leading the team and enabling them to be the domain owner for Cloud technologies. The right person would be accountable for direction setting, execution, and hands-on delivery. 

A unique opportunity, our client wanted someone with a particular set of skills, including proven leadership success. The right person also needed to be able to work from the office occasionally, so finding someone in that particular geographical area presented a challenge as there were not that many candidates to source from.

Our Approach

At Ntrinsic, our consultants work together to achieve results. Communication and collaboration were vital to finding someone for the role. As this role meant sourcing a high calibre of candidates, we utilised our extensive network to source the right fit.

The Solution

Our consultant utilised their tools and those of the team around them to shortlist a pool of candidates. Before presenting the candidate to the client, interviews were conducted to ensure the right cultural fit and ensure everyone being considered met all the client’s needs.

The Result

Our client was pleased with the sourced candidate and succeeded in hiring them. We do not doubt that the candidate will make a fantastic impact on the company and bring their operation to a higher level.

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