Recruitment vs Talent Acquisition (and 7 Reasons to Join Us)


Let’s cut to the chase. Talent improves business performance, and in our sector, we’ve built...

Let’s cut to the chase. Talent improves business performance, and in our sector, we’ve built a solid reputation for adding talent into technology. Many of our clients come to us because they have specific niche needs, and there are occasions when it’s beneficial for us to share the difference between recruitment and talent acquisition with them. We’re going to share these tips with you today, alongside seven reasons why you should join us.

Talent means different things to different people

For some, the term ‘talent’ covers the entire workforce and how every colleague contributes towards success. For others, talent is more individual and applies to the people they bring in who have much more impact than everyone else. Either way, talent needs to be nurtured and developed so that people feel valued and fulfilled (not forgetting so that businesses can benefit from these skills and capabilities while retaining expertise).

Recruitment vs Talent Acquisition

It’s not a competition in terms of definition, but the differences are clear. Recruitment is linear and has the end goal of finding a specific candidate for a particular position. This approach is a reactive process – the job is vacant or newly created, so talent is needed to fill it. Talent Acquisition, however, is cyclical and an ongoing strategy. This fits how we work best, as cycles allow us to build relationships, anticipate needs and create an unrivalled pool of candidates made up of specialists, experts and leaders. Recruitment is always the overall aim and most common term, but a talent acquisition mindset allows our team and clients to stand out from the competition and thrive. Recruitment can be seen as a short-term solution, but Talent Acquisition is always a long-term approach that strengthens a business and its team. 

Talent Acquisition within Recruitment means:
  • Monitoring trends and competition 
  • Staying engaged with passive talent and active applicants
  • Maintaining agility and flexibility at all times
  • Recommending from within networks or prior colleagues/acquaintances.

At Ntrinsic, we’re credible, consultative, collaborative and confident, but never cocky. Our approach and expertise are proven and trusted by companies all over the world. Here are seven reasons why you should join us.

  1. We care about our clients and our people. Whatever your function or position, we believe in showing respect and consideration.
  2. We lead and drive success. We’re committed to seeing all of our teams succeed. So, we offer training and encourage development to refine skills and realise potential.
  3. We create a fun atmosphere. Inside work, we have each other’s backs. Outside of work, there’s the chance to socialise with activities. Team cohesion is very important.
  4. We have a robust European presence. Our offices can be found in multiple locations for multiple clients. Our work is varied, and our teams are multilingual. 
  5. We’ve built a stimulating environment. We create opportunities from challenges, and everyone contributes to project results. 
  6. We facilitate learning. As well as training and development, you can learn from colleagues who are experts, genuinely supportive and willing to share their knowledge and passion.
  7. We’re not your average recruitment company. We’re delivering service and driving success. We champion customer satisfaction and are rewarded with impressive perks, a growing client list and an unrivalled reputation. 

If you want to elevate your recruitment activity, get in touch today to see how we can help with your IT talent acquisition. Or, if you’re interested in becoming part of our exceptional team, we’d love to hear from you – view our careers for more.