A Vacant Senior Technology Consultant Role – No Longer An Issue For This Global Marketing Agency


Discover how our consultancy expertise enabled a global data-driven marketing agency to fill...

Discover how our consultancy expertise enabled a global data-driven marketing agency to fill an urgent Senior Technology Consultant position. Tapping into our network allowed them to continue working with various important enterprise clients.

The Brief: An Integral Yet Vacant Role

Our client is a leading global marketing agency that specialises in analytics and data. Due to pending transformational projects, they needed support with securing a Senior Technology Consultant. The role had been vacant for some time; they had been unsuccessful in sourcing a candidate themselves. Time was of the essence as the successful candidate would be responsible for supporting the delivery of projects, liaising with enterprise clients and impacting their systems, practices and ways of working. This role would be integral for optimising and delivering effective and relevant experiences to consumers.

The Challenge: Timescales and Expertise Levels

The nature of the role meant that our client needed to find candidates with a complementary skillset and attitude, a go-getter who lives and breathes everything technical in the marketing realm with mid-level expertise and ambition to grow. Attempting to find this person themselves had proven difficult and unsuccessful, resulting in the position being vacant for quite a long time. Of course, this was not operationally efficient, so they turned to the team at Ntrinsic. It was apparent that there would not be an abundance of people suitable to fill this role, but we were confident that of the matches available, we could locate the perfect individual from our talent pool and network. We knew that would be a perfect example of quality, not quantity, in terms of candidates.

Our Approach: Understanding,  Regular Updates and Proactivity

At Ntrinsic, we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients and their brief. In this situation, we sympathised with their struggle to recruit and promised to deliver exceptional prospects. We utilised our previous experience in this area and our existing connections. We have previously assisted the same client with other roles, so collaborative working came naturally to this task. We were able to keep their requirements in mind and participate in regular Teams calls. Our confidence was not misplaced – weekly updates resulted in positive feedback from the client. We made sure to utilise our LinkedIn talent pool to scour online CVs and digital presence for the correct individual.

The Solution

Our vast network makes recruitment more efficient and convenient. Due to previously working together on other roles, we had already established a method and way of working when sourcing for this particular client. When filling other roles, we had proven our capability, so by opting for the same pattern and approach with this Senior Technology Consultant position, we were able to headhunt on LinkedIn, tap into our existing talent database and ultimately place a successful candidate quickly. 

The Result

Put simply, this role had been open for longer than it should have been, and it was due to Ntrinsic’s expertise and approach that it was filled with the right person. The client had their ideal candidate within a week, and a job offer was made. We were happy to help this client with another of their roles, and we are confident that in future, no time will lapse before they approach us with an important position to fill. We have built a lasting relationship with them, and their trust in us means six more roles in a different department will soon be filled by a member of our team. The client was more than satisfied with our approach and ethos, commenting that we – “…provided spot-on service for our requirement! Within a week, we had a shortlist of candidates – one of those candidates is now an integral part of our team, and we look forward to watching them grow within the business. We look forward to collaborating with Ntrinsic again.”

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